"I'll Be One Of The G.O.A.T.S. One Day" Says The Talented South African Rapper,  Song Writer And Producer Mega Squad.


Stage Name: MEGA SQUAD

Music Style: Rap,Hip hop, Trap, Afro pop 

Nationality: Newcastle,South African ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ


At grade three(3),  DLAMINI already had a great love for music which was influenced primarily by his mother who loved different genres of music including Gospel, Maskandi and RNB, but was not so familiar with HipHop.

Moving on to grade 5, his desk mate at a multiracial school was an Indian beauty who was obsessed by Justin bieber..

"I didn’t even know who that was so I took it upon myself to find out. While searching for Justin Bieber, I came across CHRIS BROWN and I was so blown away. I sang along to all his songs until grade 6 where I decided to start writing my own songs."

Mega squad started out as a singer but changed when he got to high school.

He met a couple of friends that turned him to a rapper and there was no going back to that till now.

What Challenges have you faced as an artist?

MEGA SQUAD explained that he had gone through some challenges so far in his career. The first one was the initial unavailability of recording instruments, prompting him to hire the services of some individuals who most times turned out to be highly incompetent.

"Imagine walking 1 hour just to get to the studio only to find the owner of the studio moody. Sometimes they would let me record but when it’s time for them to give me my songs, they would delay and say they haven’t finished mixing and mastering"

Like most determined and dedicated individuals would, Mega Squad became tired of this attitude he was getting and told his supportive mother who bought the required recording instruments.

DLAMINI also narrated how some individuals who claimed to be friends weren't supportive at all,

"Imagine you’re an artist and you drop new music and then your friend doesn’t even bother to post your work but instead posts famous rappers." 

 So he had to search for some support else where and he's getting lots of it on social media.

Tell me Mega Squad, Who are Your Favourite Musicians?

First is the "Ncandweni Ambassadors" , a gospel music group which he loved so much and often sang along to their songs..He believes they played at important role in his life.

Next is Justin Bieber and Chris Brown

What Advice Would You Give Any Starting Artist? 

Mega squad explained the importance of being  different or unique, stating plainly that their music must always have a message that the fans can relate to.

"Also they must believe in themselves and have confidence, lastly they must invest in their careers,stop downloading free beats and go pay a producer for beats so they can have full rights to their songs."


"Remark:   I think we've got ourselves another Nasty C here.. ๐Ÿ˜."


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