Straight out of Italy, from the Crown Jewels Records comes the talent driven and sensational Rapper and singer who goes by the stage name Diamond MC. 

Real Name: Piergiorgio

Stage Name: Diamond MC

Nationality: Italy ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Music Style: US Trap, Italian Trap, Rap


Diamond MC is an Italian artist who has much love for rap music. he is well grounded in the US trap pattern and rao's fluently in English language.

Diamond MC was once a DJ who had a serious passion for rap music. He wanted something more than playing songs, he wanted to share a part of his life through the music he loved and this prompted an internal desire to pursue a career in the music industry.

He had a strong conviction that music was a part of his existence and made much conscious effort to explore the possibilities that lied within him.

" I felt it belonged to me and I could express what I was experiencing in my real life. The discomforts, my lifestyle, my successes, I could talk about everything and I liked it a lot."

Since then, Diamond MC has been doing great at his rap music and believes that he will perform even better by collaborating with other professional artists and producers.

Who is your favorite artist?

More often than not, artists usually follow the pattern of their favorites, a bit of their rhythm and flows can also be recognized in their music.

 Diamond MC, named the American rapper and record executive Radric Delantic Davis, often referred to by his stage name Gucci Mane as his favourite. Gucci mane is considered to have helped pioneer the hip hop sub genre of trap music alongside other Atlanta based artists.

What Will Be Your Advice To Anyone Joining The Music Industry?

Diamond MC stated that all upcoming artists should focus mainly on creating  quality music which will attract the required fans and supporters for a successful music career.

He also advises newbies in the music industry to give in their all and keep getting better at what they do with constant practice, collaborations, featuring and other means. They can also go beyond their limitations and sometimes learn other languages to reach a more vast audience and better their chances of connecting with people through their music. 

Diamond MC believes that with special attributes like consistency, self development, and devotion, artists can climb their way up the the ladder of success.

"For those who want to start, I recommend being original and never giving up. 


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