Speaking of her most memorable achievement, Dipa parikh mentioned her conquest at the Mrs BeUnique International which happened in May'21 in Dubai, She won as a runner up.

Name: Dipa parikh

Nationality: Indian🇮🇳

Occupation(s): Model, Teacher

Started Modelling: Jan 2021


The Indian born model and teacher, Dipa parikh has been at the top of her modelling career since the begining of 2021, she currently stays at the United Arab Emirates in Dubai and is married with two awesome kids at the moment.

Asides from modeling, Dipa parikh involved herself in the noble teaching profession and has had a wonderful time nurturing the younger generation.

She kicked off her modelling career after she saw an advertisement, with a firm decision to get into modelling, she applied without hesitation.

"I started my modelling career just 10 months ago. In January '21, I saw an ad for bridal calender shoot by bazar. I sent my portfolio for that and got selected and since then I've  been modelling."

What are the most memorable moments of your modelling career?

Being a model has been really fruitful for the mother of two kids. Despite the fact that she is considerably still new in the industry, she has had some interesting encounters which some individuals who might have been there longer might not have had.

In her ten months, she has got chance to be featured in a proficient magazine vol 16 September issue. She has  also featured in moveux and zolota magazines. These are really fantastic experiences but the best of all was when she came out as the runner up at the Mrs BeUnique International which happened in May'21 in Dubai. 

"So far my experience in modelling career is very good though its been only 10 months. But I'm enjoying every bit of it."

What are your aims in the modelling industry?

As a model, Dipa parikh really wants to be at the top of her game, covering high class magazines, endorsement from different popular  brands and getting herself into  very favourable positions in the fashion industry. 

Who are your favorite models?

Of all models that have ever existed, Dipa parikh picked just one choice, the lady she considers the best of her time.

"From modelling industry I really admire Gigi Hadid. She is doing so good."

Jelena Noura Hadid-Malik also known popularly as Gigi Hadid is a very popular American actress who was born in the year 1995, she has won some notable awards in the modelling industry and was rated amongst the world's top 50 models in Models.com

Asides her 35 appearances on International Vogue magazine covers, being named the International Model Of The Year in 2016 by the British Fashion Council is a good reason for Dipa parikh to mention her as her favorite model.


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Instagram: @Dipa_parikh


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