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"You know what’s crazy, I actually got into modeling because I was tryna pursue an acting career and modeling just came into play tbh" 

Name: Maiya Diarrisso

Nationality: Bronx, N.Y..United States🇺🇸

Occupation: Actress, Model 


Born and raised in Bronx, N.Y.. Maiya Diarrisso initially wanted to be an actress but it seems modelling had better plans for her..😁

" But yea once I started going to casting calls and posting all these things I had people hit me up asking if I’d like to shoot and so that’s how I became a model"

What are the challenges you face? 

As a solo model, Maiya Diarrisso finds it challenging to cope without a team, most models get themselves into teams which help increase their chances of becoming really successful in the industry. she  narrated how tedious it can be to get more gigs as an independent model who's also engaged in other activities.

" My aims are to have a team, I’d like to have a manager sooner than later to help me connect with others and build up my portfolio. " 

Who do you consider as your role model(s)?

Maiya4real mentioned  Alani Nicole "La La" Anthony (née Vázquez), an American television personality, author, businesswoman, producer and actress,  Taraji p. Henson, Denzel Washington and Cardi b  as her role models and said she doesn't have a favorite as of now.

What Would You Tell Any Aspiring Model?

With her experience so far in the modelling world, she advices aspirants to be careful with trying to work with just anyone.

There are lots of people out there who might not mean well for an aspiring model so one has to be careful and vigilant out there.


" Also be yourself you might walk into a room and it’s all these big booty baddies you know.. don’t ever feel like you can’t do it cause you don’t look like them. There’s always someone watching."


Social Media

Instagram: @Maiya4real

Facebook: @Maiya Diarrisso

Twitter: @DarrissoMaiya


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