From the usual rapping and vining in school using improvised equipments to a full fledged artist...This is the story of Boy Neva.

Full name :-  Somadina Nnabuife

Stage Name:- Boy Neva / Lil Soma

Nationality:- Nigerian 🇳🇬

Music Style:- HipHop/Rap Emmotional Rap


Born and brought up on Nigeria, Western Africa..Boy Neva always had music as his thing. And just like most artists, he moved on from just listening to trying out his own songs, with the little available at the time, he produced some songs good enough to convince himself and those around him that he had the talent.

The young And determined Somadina has been at the top of his game since his high school (secondary school) days, starting off with the stage name Lil Soma because if his name "Somadina" but later changed to Buy Neva for some reason best known to him.

 Discovering his talent wasn't enough, he keeps working on it and making some remarkable  progress..hoping to get to the top with time.

After writing several songs, BoyNeva branched into a new part of his talent, the ability to play with words in a rhythmic, funny and we'll composed manner and it just all made perfect meaning..This ability has given him an extra hand in his music career.

Who are your favorite artists?

He is inspired by the late popular Emotional rapper Jarad Anthony Higgins who is known popularly as Juice World. Juice world is said to have  derived his stage name from late American rapper Tupac Shakur's role in the film Juice and stated that it represents taking over the world.

Boy Neva also named the top American rapper, actor and business man Curtis James Jackson III known professionally as 50 Cent. He is known for his impact in the hip hop industry, he has been described as a "master of the nuanced art of lyrical brevity" These were the only two artists mentioned and he has much love and respect for them  as he counts them amongst his favourites.

Emotional rap is the read deal for Boy neva, he hopes to create a passage for his songs to flow through the emotions of his listeners but this time, not by singing but by rapping. And this beautiful pattern of music can be spotted in the late Juice World little wonder he listed juice world as one of his favourites.

  What's Special About Music To You? 

"I have a passion for music, And I Know I have the talent  because I've heard myself sing and it sounds real good.  I really want to make it to the top" 

Having the passion is one this and being able to follow it up is yet another task most Individuals take within the course if their life time. at some point one has to decide what really makes them.gappy and keeps them going, and for Boy Neva, its his music.


Save The Name..It's "Boy  Neva" Now Or Neva.  Keep Watching Out For Lil Soma


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 Instagram Handle :- @BoyNeva


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