"I want my song to be a message to the streets and an inspiration to the younger generation.. I want it to be an antidote to a weary soul... an encouragement to the depressed, a source of hope to those who might seem hopeless and a firm reminder to never give up on one's dream and  aspirations."

Full name :- Alexis Fesochukwu Okechukwu 

Stage Name:- Richard Famez Aka BloccBoi

Nationality:- Nigerian 🇳🇬

Music Style:- Trap, Rap, R and B, Afro Beats, Amapiano.


Alexis Okechukwu also called Richard Famez was born in Enugu state, south eastern Nigeria. He was the type known for putting on the affordable ear phones with music playing in them all day.

"My dad was always against wearing ear phones ..his reason was that earphones could damage ones hearing and I was only a kid then."

 Richard famez graduated from just listening to music moving further into creating one at 9years of age, doing so without beats. 

Later On he started writing verses and choruses. He didn't know the actual act of writing and lyrics formation till mid 2020 when he started studying music.

Name Some Of Your Favorite Artists And Role Models.

He is inspired by Aubrey Drake Graham, [the Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor who gained much  recognition by starring in the television series Degrassi: The Next Generation from 2001–2007].. American rapper, songwriter, and record producer Marshall Bruce Mathers IIIknown professionally as Eminem, and also the well known Dwayne Michael Carter Jr also called lil wayne. Famez  added that there are other famous rappers he admires but these are the top three on his list.

  What prompted  you to begin your journey in the music industry? 

"I just loved listening to music and decided to try my own out..With music I feel alive, I feel at home I feel really good within me and I'm sure that this is what I want to do."

he further stated that he feels like he was made for music. The melody, rhythm, beat, lyrics and all components including the vibe that comes with it just makes him feel more alive.

What Challenges Did You Face As An Upcoming Artist?

For some it might be self doubt or challenges from withing them but for Richard famez, it's been nothing but external factors, hindering his progress at the initial stage of his career. This is mostly the case with upcoming artists as they often have less funding but great potentials.

"Multiple challenges including lack of proper equipments and personnel, little support from a few friends and no support from parents. In fact, they were outrightly against it."

Richard famez explained that when he was much younger, he usually felt like he was being disliked amongst his friends because of his obsession with music.

"At a younger age, I was the type who found it difficult to fit in amongst my friends and peers, to be seen as every other boy back then."


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 Instagram Handle :- @bloccboi1000


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