Save the name.. it's "Leavemelone" a phonomenal Artist with a lot to offer ranging from Neo soul to trap, hip hop, rap, and even Melodic contemporary.

Stage Name: Leavemelone

Nationality: Jamaican 🇯🇲, Welsh

Music Style: Different styles including Neo soul, Us trap or drill, Melodic Contemporary, Rap, Hip hop.. 



Leavemelone also called pow has been working on becoming an exceptional artist since the age of twelve.

Despite not taking it serious back then, just loved singing in her  bedroom with her elder sister, pow knew the talent was there and decided to put some more devotion into it.

First ever track recorded was a chorus in her elder sisters song.

"I got to sixteen and realized my connection with music was more than being a listener, I wanted to create and do what I truly felt was right from within"

It can be said that many good artists today used to love listening music  a lot before they started making theirs and the case isn't different with Leavemelone.


The Journey So far..

Most times when people start, they aren't really good but with time, they finally get the sound they want.
This was the case with Leavemelone, doing so in her bedroom with the help of her old laptop and a USB mic. Gradually with constant practice and determination, one just gets better at it over time just as she is now.

What's Your Aim In The Music Industry?

Levemelone's aim is to connect with people through her music.. To affect lives positively and help people get out of a bitter or bad mood. For her, it's the ability of her music to serve as a momentary therapist to the bleeding souls of her listeners.

" I want people to have those bad days and be able to turn me up in their head phones and forget about it, at least for the moment"

Who's Your Favorite Musician?

One of Leavemelone's inspiration is Roy Woods. Appreciating him for being who he is without caring what others had to say.

A rare attribute as many individuals get distracted and affected by the words of other people or the press but Roy Woods has a different approach and Leavemelone admires that quality.

Social Media. 

Instagram: @ 1004lone


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