People hop into different spheres of life for different reasons, but here is an exceptional case of talent, meeting passion.

I Bring To You.. "The Gfactor Studios".

Professionals In Photography And Videography.

Nationality: Nigerian 🇳🇬


When photography is one's passion, there's no going back to that..It's just there every time, the eagerness to capture exciting moments making them really memorable and enabling a lasting picture of such moments either in soft copy or hard copy.

The zeal to create something out of nothing was what sprouted some interest in the heart of this picture artist  to pursue a career in Photography. 

What Challenges did you face starting up?

Just as any one can imagine, It wasn't really easy starting up.. [as it isn't most of the time] but the passion  and zeal really plays a major role in such trying times.

For Gfactor Studios, one major hurdle in his career was getting a good Camera.

A photographer or videographer without good quality camera is as good as nothing. such a person might find it frustrating to keep borrowing or hiring cameras for work which might encroach into earnings and might end up causing losses.

 "The obstacles I encountered before was how to get good camera to start up which I have to work as a labourer in a building"

Knowing fully well that an idle man will  not likely produce the expected results, he had to pay the price for his dream to be actualized.

Gfactor embarked on what most people might call a really hectic task. he had to work  for three years  as a casual labourer which  gave him some cash to get the needed  Camcorder to begin his career.

Despite how difficult it might be for someone to work as a labourer, the goal kept him going.. the dream of finally having a quality camera of his own, to start up his own business and grow gradually, that kept h going.

Did that for about three years and was saving about $2 daily before I purchased my first camera. It was actually a camcorder that I bought. I used it to do videos for people until people started asking if I don't do pictures as well. I later bought a nikon point and shoot camera for $70 which I used for a while and then upgraded and bought another nikon point and shoot camera in 2017.

Hard work paying off made him get a nice working Nikon camera for photographs and kept upgrading with time. Hence the existence of the Gfactor Studios today.

He is based in the garden city of Port-Harcourt, located in Rivers state, southern part of Nigeria in West Africa and has shared his story to inspire others who might be passing through the same condition.

One thing any person can gain from this is to never give up on one's dreams and aspirations as hard work finally pays off though it might take some time.


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Produces Perfect Picture And Video Coverage For Events Such As Birthdays, Weddings, Parties ETC...

Below are some wonderful pictures as gotten from his Instagram Handle..